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disposable-contacts-eye-healthwoman framing her eyes inside a heart she’s making with her hands
  • 2018/09/12
  • Disposable Contacts: A Great Choice for Eye Health

  • Are you considering wearing disposable contacts, but worried about your eye health? Well, here is some great news for you. Disposable contacts are proving to be far superior to other contact lenses for the health of your eyes. Find out what daily disposable contacts are and why your eye doctor may feel they are right for you.

6-expert-tips-protect-eyesa close up of the side-by-side faces of a young woman and an older gentleman
  • 2018/09/12
  • Six Expert Tips to Protect Your Eyes

  • No one should take their vision for granted, but if you wear contact lenses or glasses you have to work a little harder to protect your eyes. Following a strict contact lens cleaning regimen might not be fun, but it’s necessary. Something as seemingly insignificant as an unwashed lens case can cause serious infection. In addition to your daily eye care routine, include eating well and blinking more often. Read on for our experts’ six top tips for protecting your eyes.

protecting-your-eyesight-while-aginghappy middle age couple giving thumbs up sign
  • 2018/09/06
  • Protecting Your Eyesight From Age-Related Eye Problems

  • Our eyesight naturally degrades as we age. That’s a simple fact. Glasses and contact lenses become essential for maintaining vision. However, poor eye health can be avoided. Protecting your eyes from age-related eye problems is possible. Let’s look at some of the most common eye issues associated with aging and learn what to do to keep your eyes strong and healthy.

daily-contact-lenses-vs-weeklyseveral daily and weekly contact lenses on a blue mirrored surface
  • 2018/09/06
  • Daily Contact Lenses vs Weekly Contact Lenses: Pros and Cons

  • Contact lenses come in a wide variety of types. This can make it difficult to know which type is right for you. Both daily contact lenses and weekly contact lenses are very popular and each have their own benefits.

10-great-reasons-try-colored-contact-lensesclose up of woman’s eye with beautiful blue colored contact lens
  • 2018/08/31
  • 10 Great Reasons to Try Colored Contact Lenses

  • Are you tired of wearing the same old boring contact lenses day after day?

eye-health-tipswoman making a heart sign with her hands framing her eyes
  • 2018/08/30
  • The Top 5 Eye Health Tips You Can Follow Every Day

  • Did you know that 80% of eye problems are easily preventable and treatable? This means that there are things you can do every day to keep your eyes healthy! Here are the top 5 eye health tips that will keep your eyes happy and healthy, especially when paired with regular visits to your eye care provider.

contact-lens-eye-infectionclose up of man inserting contact lens in his eye
  • 2018/08/30
  • Everything You Need to Know About a Contact Lens Eye Infection

  • If you think you're suffering from a contact lens eye infection, then read this. Read this! It'll tell you exactly how to handle and prevent one from happening again.

contact-lenses-with-uv-protectionDiagram of eye showing UVB and UVA rays.
  • 2018/08/30
  • Consider Contact Lenses with UV Protection as an Added Defense Against the Sun

  • We’ve been using sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun’s rays for decades, but what about protecting our eyes? As our awareness of UV damage increases, it’s common to find contact lenses, such as Acuvue, with a degree of UV protection* built in. In fact, Acuvue claims that “No other contact lens has higher UV blocking”. It’s important to take the risk of sun damage to your eyes seriously, and contact lenses can play a key role in how you protect your vision from the sun.

color-blindnesschart comparing colors seen by people with normal vision and colors seen by those with color blindness
  • 2018/08/30
  • Causes and Treatments for Color Blindness

  • Different forms of color blindness affect about 8% of men and 1% of women. 300 million people around the world have this condition that is more accurately called Color Vision Deficiency (CVD). There is no cure for color blindness. However, there are some exciting new developments in corrective lenses to help people with color blindness see true colors!

children-vision-problems-signs-symptomsboy covering one eye beside exam chart
  • 2018/08/30
  • Children’s Vision Problems: Signs to Look for in Your Child

  • Your children’s vision problems can be hard to detect, and you may not realize that your children have eye problems. The American Optometric Association statistics show that 25% of children in the US have some type of undiagnosed vision problem. Vision problems in children affect their ability to learn, and can occur as early as 18 months old.

8-quick-facts-getting-contactsman inserting contact lens into his eye
  • 2018/08/30
  • 8 Quick Facts About Getting Contacts You Should Know

  • Getting contacts? Here are eight good things to know before (or even after!) you get them

contact-lenses-children-self-perceptionchild with glasses being bullied
  • 2018/08/07
  • Contact Lenses for Children Have a Positive Impact on Self-Perception During Formative Years

  • Do you have a child that wears glasses? Is your child especially self-conscious about their glasses? Do you want to find a way to help improve your child’s perception of themselves? If so, consider the role contact lenses could play for your children.

caring-for-soft-contact-lensescaring for soft contact lens on woman’s finger
  • 2018/08/07
  • A Simple Guide to Caring for Soft Contact Lenses

  • Properly caring for soft contact lenses is extremely important. If you’re new to wearing soft contact lenses, it’s critical to know how to keep your eyes healthy and your contacts problem-free.

ways-to-deal-with-dry-eyesFingers holding eyelids open showing dry eyes
  • 2018/08/02
  • 9 Ways to Deal With Dry Eyes

  • Tears are aptly called the first line of defense for our eyes, as they protect against many irritants such as germs and dust. Each time we blink, tears wash away these irritants, making everyday movement comfortable and easy. It’s so natural that we never give our tears a thought!

reusing-one-day-contact-lenses-bad-habitsman staring into smartphone
  • 2018/08/02
  • Reusing One-Day Contact Lenses and Seven Other Habits that Hurt Your Eyes

  • We all grew up being told not to sit too close to the television, not to read in low light, and not to rub our eyes with dirty hands. Yet, many of us still risk damaging the health of our eyes every day through simple neglect.

foods-supplements-eyesight-improvementMan eating salad for eyesight improvement
  • 2018/08/02
  • Nine Foods and Supplements for Eyesight Improvement

  • Chances are, you or one of your family members may develop cataracts or macular degeneration. Changing your diet can protect your eyes from these diseases and can even improve your vision.

how-to-put-contacts-in-like-experthappy woman with contact lens
  • 2018/08/02
  • How to Put Contacts in Like an Expert

  • More than 30 million Americans wear contact lenses, but according to the CDC, between 40 and 90 percent do not follow care instructions. Learning how to put contacts in and how to remove them is often a process of trial and error. Newbies risk damaging their eyesight, but even experienced wearers have bad habits that can lead to infections. There is a better way! Follow these six best tips on how to put your contacts in like an expert.

eye-exercises-improve-visionwoman looking at perfect vision eye chart
  • 2018/08/02
  • Five Fast and Easy Eye Exercises That Can Improve Your Vision

  • Although many people believe their eyes will naturally get worse, the truth is - they don’t have to.