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Disposable Contacts: A Great Choice for Eye Health

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Are you considering wearing disposable contacts, but worried about your eye health? Well, here is some great news for you. Disposable contacts are proving to be far superior to other contact lenses for the health of your eyes. Find out what daily disposable contacts are and why your eye doctor may feel they are right for you.

Daily Disposable Contacts vs Daily Wear Contact Lenses

There is a difference between daily disposable contacts and daily wear contact lenses. Daily disposable contacts have a one-time use. These are lenses that you put in your eye at the beginning of your day and throw away at the end of the day. Each day, you put a new pair of disposable contacts in your eyes.

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Daily wear contact lenses are different. These are contacts that are worn during the day and must be taken out each night. They are not approved for sleeping in; however, they can be reused. Those wearing daily wear contacts may replace them on various schedules depending on the manufacturer.

What does this mean for you?

Keep in mind that the word daily doesn’t mean that contacts are necessarily disposable. And, the word disposable doesn’t always mean that you are getting daily contacts. They may be weekly or monthly lenses. If you want contacts that are single-use, be sure to ask for daily disposable contacts.

Throwing Away Contacts Is Healthy

For many years, contact wearers continued wearing the same contacts for long periods of time. In order to do so, they had to spend time cleaning them to get rid of buildup that naturally occurred in the eye, such as:

These natural substances, though not unhealthy for the eye, can make contact lenses uncomfortable. Even worse, they can leave your eyes more susceptible to infection.

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For those who find contact lens cleaning a nuisance and difficult to maintain, there are two solutions.

The first is to use extended wear contacts. These are left in the eyes for several days and nights and then thrown away on a specific schedule. However, extended wear contacts do not work well for many people. The problem with wearing contacts for an extended period of time is that the wearer can be more prone to infection and other eye problems.

That’s why so many people turn to daily disposable contacts. This solution offers the convenience of no cleaning, plus the healthy benefits associated with no build-up on the contact lens. This is the main reason many eye doctors now suggest using daily disposable lenses that you throw away each day.

To Throw Away or Recycle? That is the Question.

Generally, the plastic packet that each lens comes in is recyclable, as long as the number in the recycling triangle symbol is between 1 and 5. Check the bottom of your contact lens packet for the rating number. Then check your local recycling website to confirm that plastic with that rating is accepted in your area.

Do Disposable Contacts Cost a Lot?

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It is true that daily disposable contacts cost a bit more than other contacts. However, the cost of other, contacts must also include cleaning care products, plus the time required for cleaning. Contacts disposed of daily do not need these extra products.

The actual price of disposable contacts depends on the brand. Currently, the best daily disposable contacts are made with silicone hydrogel. These are the best for eye health, but they also cost the most.

Another cost associated with getting contact lenses is the fitting and prescription cost when you visit your optometrist. The prescription you have will also contribute to the cost of your contacts. Those with more complicated prescriptions tend to spend more on their contact lenses.

Even though daily disposable contacts cost a bit more, they are not unaffordable for many people. People spend more money each day on fancy coffee or fast food than the cost of a pair of pair of daily disposable contact lenses.

Will I Be Able to Wear Disposable Lenses?

To know for sure, you will have to see an eye care professional. However, in most cases, the answer is probably yes.

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The biggest question is whether your prescription needs can be handled by a daily disposable lens. Factors include:

In most cases, those wishing to wear daily disposable contacts can do so, and find them readily available. However, some people find that their unique prescription makes it difficult to source disposable contacts that fit their needs. In this case, they will have to use another type of contact.

The best way to find out is to see an ophthalmologist or optometrist. They can evaluate your eyes and help you find the best solution for you.

In short, if you need contact lenses and want your eyes to be as healthy as possible, ask your eye-care specialist about wearing daily disposable contacts. They can guide you to find the best ones to fit your needs. Then to find the best prices, check out our full selection and current sales.

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