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How to place an order

Step 1 -  Put items you wish to order into your shopping cart

(1) Be sure to enter your prescription and quantity desired by using the drop down boxes provided.

(2) Click [Add To Cart].

» Location of your prescription data

Step 2 -  Purchase the merchandise

There will be a confirmation page that shows you exactly what you are ordering.

(1) Please confirm your order and verify both the quantity and prescription before continuing.

To add more goods, please click [Continue shopping].

(2) If you have ordered before, click [Check out] and go to Step 4.

Step 3 -  Registration (new users only)

(1) Fill in each box.
* all fields are required to be filled in.

(2) Click [Send].

An authentication email will be sent to the address entered. Please click the link in the email in order to complete your registration.

* Registration will not complete if these steps are unfinished.

Step 4 -  Payment method

(1) Credit Card and PayPal are available. Please select your choice of payment method and click [Continue].

» Details of payment method

Step 5 -  Shipping information

(1) You will be presented with the registered address as your shipping address. You may change this information if you like.

(2) When you have confirmed that the shipping address is correct, click [Continue].

Step 6 -  Confirm your order

(1) Please confirm all the details.

(2) If you wish to change the payment method details, click [Edit].

(3) If you wish to change the address for shipment, click [Edit].

(4) If you are satisfied that everything is correct and want to place your order, click [Go To Payment Procedure].

Step 7 -  Complete payment process

The next step is to process your payment. Please follow the guidance that is given during your chosen payment method. When your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from [PerfectLensWorld].

[Credit Card payment]

(1) Fill in each box.
(2) Click [Pay] button.

* You will receive a receipt via email.

[Other payment]

(1) Fill in each box.
(2) Click [Make payment] button.

* You will receive a receipt via email.


(1) Fill in each box.
(2) Click [Log in] button.

* You will receive a receipt via email.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.