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Daily Contact Lenses vs Weekly Contact Lenses: Pros and Cons

several daily and weekly contact lenses on a blue mirrored surface

Contact lenses come in a wide variety of types. This can make it difficult to know which type is right for you. Both daily contact lenses and weekly contact lenses are very popular and each have their own benefits.

Many people are used to weekly disposable soft contacts. At first glance, the idea of throwing away daily contact lenses after one use can seem almost wasteful. This causes many people to avoid the newer disposable daily wear lenses. However, there are some great reasons to consider daily contact lenses.

Before speaking with your eye doctor, educate yourself about the different options. Here is a rundown of the pros and cons of daily contact lenses and weekly contact lenses to get you started.

Disposable Contacts 101

woman putting in daily contact lenses

Disposable contacts are contacts with a specific replacement schedule. At the end of the given time, the wearer throws the contacts away and replaces them with a new pair. Because of new technologies, disposable contacts are quickly becoming the norm for contact use. There are three main types of disposable contacts: dailies, weeklies, and extended wear.

Daily disposable contact lenses are those that you throw away at the end of every use. These are sometimes called single-use lenses. Because they are thrown away each day, there is no cleaning or storing of the lenses. Many people now wear daily disposable contact lenses and enjoy the benefits and comfort.

Weeklies are disposable contacts with a scheduled replacement. Although they are called weeklies, the schedule may be:

Finally, there are extended wear disposable contacts. These contacts are worn both night and day until the schedule calls for a replacement pair.

Since 90% of people who wear contacts wear soft disposable lenses, let’s look at how daily contact lenses stack up against weekly contact lenses.

Daily Contact Lenses: Pros

happy man wearing giving two thumbs up

There are many reasons why people like daily disposable contact lenses. Here are some of the advantages to these contacts:

Daily Contact Lenses: Cons

Of course, daily contact lenses are not for everyone. Here are some disadvantages to wearing dailies:

Weekly Contact Lenses: Pros

woman cleaning her weekly contact lenses

Weekly contact lenses, as well as those replaced biweekly and monthly, are the most popular contacts available. Here are some of the reasons people enjoy wearing weekly contact lenses:

Weekly Contact Lenses: Cons

woman holding up hands looking confused

As with all things, there are disadvantages to weekly contacts. Here are the most common reasons people don’t choose weeklies (or monthlies):

As you can see, there are both advantages and disadvantages to daily contact lenses and weekly contact lenses. Speak to your doctor about your current lifestyle and any issues you have with your eyes. Then, with their help, determine which contacts will work best for you.

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