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Are Ice Blue Contacts for You? How to Choose the Best Lens Color

veiled woman with ice blue contacts

Did you know that a lot of Americans suffer from myopia? In fact, more than 30% of the United States’ entire population has this condition. Its exact cause is unknown, but one leading theory is that it’s hereditary.

If you’re nearsighted, you might want to try out contact lenses. But when you do, you need to consider whether the color is good for you. Ask yourself whether options such as ice blue contacts fit your skin tone.

Are you ready to learn what colored contacts suit you? Read on and find out!

1. Match Your Skin Color to Your Color Contacts

If you want to try color contacts, first consider your skin color. Some hues might not fit your skin tone, making your contacts stand out in a negative way. Here are some tips you can follow if you want to choose the right contact lenses.

Light / Fair Skin Tones

People with light or fair skin have the least concern when it comes to wearing colored contact lenses. The likelihood of the shades suiting you are easier if you have this type of skin tone. Still, when it comes to color choices, shades of ice blue and gray will look equally classy and great.

Fair skin serves as a great backdrop for brighter eye colors. Turquoise, purple, and aqua shine brightest when you have this skin tone. This helps distinguish you from the crowd.

Warm / Medium Skin Tones

woman with medium skin tones laughing

If you have a warm, medium brown skin tone, you might want to try out contact lenses that have bright colors. Check for contacts that make your eyes stand out from your complexion. Many people with medium skin tones choose shades like hazel, green, honey, dark blue or gray.

Colors like aqua and turquoise aren’t that great with caramel skin tones. To make them more noticeable, you can use makeup to alter the shade of the skin around your eyes. For example, you can use eyeshadow with a neutral flair to achieve this effect, like brown or gray.

Rich / Dark Skin Tones

Do you have a dark skin tone? If so, then you can try different types of colors, depending on the effect you want to achieve. In most cases, you can count on warm hues to give you a natural, sexy look, especially if it’s a warm brown.

A good alternative for a natural look is hazel. If you want to become more seductive, you can always try smoky colors instead. A two-tone violet contact lens will give you a bit of edge without making it look unnatural.

Do you want a more gorgeous feel? If so, then honey, autumn colors, and gray lenses can turn heads in your direction. Loud colors tend not to complement your look, so consider avoiding bolder shades like aqua or pink.

2. Match Your Hair Color to Your Color Contacts

multi-colored hair locks

Hair color also matters when you’re trying to choose the right contact lens hue. Your hair color frames your face, meaning that your contact lens should work with it. Here are some tips you can use depending on the tone of your hair:

Medium-Brown Hair

If you have medium-brown hair, then congratulations! It’s a known fact that almost any lens color will match your eyes. That means your only concern now is to check what kind of effect you want to create.

Blonde and Light Hair

People with a blonde or light hair color tend to look best wearing contacts with dark shades. For example, if you have golden brown hair, you can try black, chocolate or deep brown contacts. Light lenses can work too, but will be more traditional and less dramatic.

Do you want ice blue eyes? If so, this colour works best with platinum blonde hair. This hair color also works with emerald and similar shades.

Black Hair

black haired Asian woman with color contact lenses

This hair color gives a nice contrast if you’re wearing blue or purple contact lenses. It works especially well if you have cool-toned shades like blue-black. Brown contact lenses work best with this hair color if you’re going for a more natural look

If you’re of Asian ancestry, using shades of gray and beige will give you a Eurasian appearance. However, it’s important to have a similar dark hue relative to your hair. Otherwise, there’s a disconnect in the look, making it a bit unnatural.

Bright Hair Colors

Did you dye your hair a bright, striking pink? You might think that this unique hair color needs a pair of dazzling, less natural colored contact lens to complement it. Not so! The truth is that you need to settle for simpler contacts.

The reason is that it’s best to avoid the color of your eyes and hair competing for attention That's because a lot of people might find it overwhelming to see two vivid colors at once; therefore, consider one-tone black or brown circle lenses. They can give your eyes a touch of drama and make your transformation complete.

3. Check the Lighting Conditions

Colored contacts will have varying appearances depending on the light. That means you need to think about this factor if you’re using your contacts for special events. Dim lighting tends to make most contact lenses disappear.

If you’re going to an event with insufficient lighting, look for a lighter hue. Compare it to the ones you wear during the daytime and make it a shade or two lighter.

Get Ice Blue Contacts Today

You can always use this guide to give you an idea about what color lenses will complement your skin and hair color. It also helps you consider whether or not ice blue contacts will suit you.

And of course, for the very best results, ensure that your contacts are high quality lenses. You can contact us today to ask which of our contact lenses will suit you best. That way, you can feel more confident and shine at any event you attend!

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