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9 Ways Wearing Contacts Can Upgrade Your Style!

Fashionable woman wearing contacts

Although you may require vision correction, you should never sacrifice your personal style! We all need to express and enjoy our own wonderful uniqueness!

Glasses are the most common method to enhance your vision, but unfortunately, they might not always enhance your look. Contacts are a flexible alternative, as they allow you to have the best of both worlds: vision and style.

Let’s look at all the ways that wearing contacts can upgrade your unique fashion sense!

1. Eye Makeup Is Now Possible

We can all admit that glasses are not the best at enhancing your eye makeup. They block your eyes and may even smudge your mascara if you have long lashes. Wearing contacts gives you the ability to add eye makeup as an expression of your inner awesomeness!

It takes a lot of time and effort to get your makeup done just right, so you want to be sure everyone can see your artistry!

2. Have Fun With Colored Contacts!

4 colored contact lenses in shades of blue and green

Do you feel the need to change your style frequently? Do you enjoy experimenting with color? If so, you can get colored contacts to help you fully “become” the new you. You'll be a true chameleon!

Embracing colored contacts can be a subtle or bold way to change your look. It all depends on your color choice. It’s pretty much like changing your hair color. You can enjoy people’s amazement with the bold change, or their befuddlement as they try to figure out your new subtle adjustment.

Make things more interesting, explore different combinations of eye makeup and colored contacts.

3. Accessories Anyone?

beautiful woman wearing mirrored sunglasses

A good pair of sunglasses is a must-have in every fashionista's wardrobe. Sunglasses have a magical property which instantly makes your outfit ten times better. Of course, the right sunglasses can also protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

But you can't wear sunglasses while wearing your prescription specs. You would have to get transition sunglasses which can be quite expensive. If your vision prescription changes, then you also have to update them.

Wearing contacts eliminates all of those concerns. If your prescription changes, it is no hassle to change your contacts. You will then be able to wear any pair of sunglasses you choose from any cute boutique that you like!

4. Perfect Formal Wear

groom getting out of car

Your glasses can sometimes detract from your outfit — especially when we are talking about formal wear. An elegant gown or suit catches the eye and makes everyone want to take a closer look at the person wearing it. A pair of contacts has zero possibility of ruining the aura that your outfit seeks to project.

5. The “Power Look”

Confident female giving business presentation

Appearances are especially important in the office. It’s unfortunate that we have an adverse stereotype about a person who wears glasses. However, contacts can help you to mold the power look for success in the boardroom. In the business world, you get one chance to make a great impression. Make sure that you maximize every chance that you get.

6. Enjoy the Beach

four young people having fun in shallow water at the beach

If you are an avid beach-goer, then contacts are a must for you! (Wearing glasses at the beach may give you weird tan lines at the end of the day!) Glasses are never ideal for such an environment. Your day at the beach should be a time of leisure. You don’t want to spend your time trying to protect your glasses at every turn!

We do not recommend swimming while wearing your contacts because this can lead to serious eye infections. If you must swim with your contacts in, then also wear waterproof goggles.

You can opt for daily contacts so that you can dispose of that pair immediately after swimming. Your beach outing also means fun activities like beach volleyball.

7. Keep It Moving!

Couple playing sports

An active lifestyle is essential for maintaining your health and appearance. Wearing contacts allows you to move easily through your your day; from work to the gym or sports event. Contacts are also a perfect way to see well while you workout or play your favorite sport. There’s no frame to get in the way of your peripheral vision and you don’t have to deal with glasses sliding down your nose (or worse, completely off your face) making it hard to see.

8. Cosplay Transformation

If you enjoy participating at cosplay events, then contacts can help you to complete your transformation. The whole idea is to make your character as believable as possible. Therefore contacts can help you be as dramatic or as scary as you want.

However, you must be sure to use prescribed contacts for these purposes, so that you don’t endanger your eye health.

9. Effortless Style

Friends having a good time

Once you have selected your pair of glasses, you are stuck with them until the next checkup session. This means that one day the frames of your glasses may clash with your choice of outfit, color, and makeup. Or worse, as styles change, your frames could become completely out of fashion.

Do you want to know the ultimate fashionista benefit of wearing contact lenses? Contacts are invisible, which means that they match any outfit! So you can keep your vision and style game perfect for you.

You spend money on your clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories, so do the same for your eyes. After all, they are among the first things that people notice about you. Make sure that your eyes reflect who you are!

Let Your Eyes Shine!

Don't get us wrong; we think that glasses serve their purpose. However, wearing contacts can be quite liberating for your personal sense of style.

Contacts can give you the versatility and creative outlet that you need. After all, your eyes and your personality both deserve their place to shine!

Check out the range of contacts and brands that are available today. Choose your best look and be confident about your unique style.

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