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How To Clean Contact Lenses Properly

woman with blue eyes putting on contact lens

Did you know that almost 90% of contact lens wearers don't know how to care for their contacts?

You love the convenience of contact lenses and you know how easy it is to put them in and take them out. Plus, you no longer have to worry about breaking your glasses! But, do you know how to clean contact lenses so that you avoid infection? It's not a particularly complicated process, but it is an important one.

Cleaning Contact Lenses: Before You Start

What is the first thing you need to understand about how to clean contact lenses?

First, ensure that your clean lenses will still be safe to wear. Your contacts should have their lifespan listed on the packaging. If you see that the lenses are out of date, toss them.

If you're wearing 1-day lenses, throw them out at the end of the day. Sleeping with your lenses could lead to an infection, and it's not very comfortable, anyway!

If you're wearing extended wear contacts, you'll need to clean them at least once a week.

If you're wearing standard contact lenses, you'll need to clean them every day and remove them at night.

how to clean contact lenses with contact lenses solution

Only clean your contacts with contact lens cleaner solution. Clean and disinfect them with the right solution to avoid damaging the lenses.

Finally, make sure that you've thoroughly washed your hands with soap and water.

How to Clean Contact Lenses With Contact Lenses Solution

First, rinse out your contact lens case and put some contact lens solution in each of the compartments. Putting your lenses in the case, instead of resting them on your sink or on a napkin, reduces the risk of picking up debris.

Once your lenses are in the solution, take a look at each one to check for signs of damage. You should also make sure that there isn't any dirt left on the lenses. This is an especially important step if you've realized that your eyes have been watering or itching more than usual.

contact lens cases with solution

It goes without saying that, if the lenses have tears or look very damaged, you'll need to throw them out.

Make sure that you're only using contact lens cleaners for daily cleaning and overnight storage. Also, ensure that the cleaner is compatible with either hard or soft lens types.

Cleaning Each Lens

cleaning a contact lens in palm of hand

Once you've finished checking your lenses for damage, it's time to actually clean them.

Put the lens on the palm of your hand using one finger, and make sure that the part you put on your eye is facing you. Put a single drop of your solution on the lens, and leave it for only about 5 seconds. Move your lens forward and backward, and then to the side, with your finger.

Then, place your contact lenses back in their individual compartment.

Never put two lenses on the same side of your contacts case. Screw the lids on tightly to ensure that everything stays put.

The final step?

Once you've closed the case, shake it up and down to make sure the solution covers the lenses.

Doing so will help to jostle any sort of stubborn dirt and debris loose that you may not have been able to spot on your own.

Extra Tips for Wearing Contact Lenses

woman leaning to put contact lenses in

Keeping contacts clean is important. But, there's more to wearing contacts than meets the eye. Especially, if you're thinking of making the switch from eyeglasses.

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It's important to develop good hygiene habits. Experienced lens wearers and those new to contacts alike should follow the above cleaning rules.

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We hope this post has helped you understand how to clean contact lenses the right way. It might seem complicated at first, But, practice makes perfect!

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