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Five Fast and Easy Eye Exercises That Can Improve Your Vision

Although many people believe their eyes will naturally get worse, the truth is - they don’t have to.

You have muscles in your eyes just like in the rest of your body. When your eye muscles get weak due to overuse, you cannot see as clearly. If you exercise your eyes on a regular basis, you can keep your eyes strong and healthy.

Many people find that they can keep their vision strong longer than those who do not exercise their eyes regularly. We’ve found five amazing simple exercises to improve your vision!

How Do Eye Exercises Improve Your Vision?

Studies show that our modern use of technology causes eye strain. Most of us use a computer, smartphone, or watch a lot of TV. As a result, more and more people are having vision problems and wearing contact lenses and glasses.

But you don’t have to suffer further vision loss. Use the eye exercises listed below to create healthier eye muscles and reduce eye strain.

Exercising your eyes is just like exercising your arms and legs. Your muscles will get stronger, you’ll have more stamina, and you’ll be less likely to develop further vision impairment due to eye strain.

woman looking at perfect vision eye chart

Here Are Five Fast and Easy Eye Exercises You Can Do Every Day in Your Own Home:

1. Blinking

Did you know that something as easy as blinking can help you see better? This is because blinking helps your eyes stay moist, allowing you to focus longer.

The problem is that when people work with digital devices, they do not blink as much. Consequently, this leads to eye strain and poor vision.

Why does blinking help your eyes? Think of your eyelids as the windshield wipers of your eyes! Each time you shut your eyes, the Meibomian glands produce moisture to cleanse your eyes. Blinking helps your eyes feel refreshed ready to focus again. Because of these factors, this exercise helps decrease eye strain.

Woman performing blinking exercise to improve vision

Here’s how to perform the blinking exercise:

Once you’ve completed this exercise, you will find that your eyes feel less tired and strained.

2. Palming

This simple exercise can help relieve eye strain and stress. The best time to do this exercise is when your eyes need relaxing. Therefore, many people use palming during breaks from their computers or televisions.

man practicing palming exercise

The instructions for palming are easy:

The reason this eye exercise works is because the pressure of your hands around your eyes helps to relieve muscle strain.

3. Figure 8

This next exercise helps your eyes become stronger and more flexible.

eye exercises improve vision

Here’s what you need to do to perform the figure 8 exercise:

4. Change of Focus

This simple exercise requires that you change your focus from near objects to far objects. Because it’s so easy, this exercise can be done anywhere.

man focusing on his thumb during change of focus exercise

You can do this exercise sitting or standing. Here’s how to get started with the focus exercise:

Forcing your eyes to change focus helps to strengthen your eye muscles. Strong eye muscles improve vision!

5. Zooming

Another great eye exercise that strengthens your eyes and increases your ability to focus is zooming.

Zooming eye exercises focus your eyes near and far

Follow these simple eye-zooming instructions:

So don’t let digital devices harm your vision. Instead, use these five fast and easy eye exercises to strengthen your eyes and keep vision problems at bay. Even those already wearing glasses or contacts can strengthen their eyes and keep their vision from getting worse by exercising their eyes regularly.

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