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10 Myths About Wearing Contacts Debunked

fact versus myths about wearing contacts

If you suffer from poor eyesight, you have two options:

  1. You can wear glasses, or
  2. You can wear contacts.

And due to many myths about wearing contact lenses, some still favor glasses over contacts.

Well we're here to tell you that many of the myths are just that: myths.

Without further ado, here are 10 myths about wearing contacts, debunked!

1. Contacts Can Get Stuck in Your Eye

The most common myth associated with contacts is that they can get stuck in your eye. Some people even think they won't be able to take them out at all. This is false.

Contacts can slide back from the center of your eyes on occasion. But, your eyes' conjunctiva prevents them from sliding all the way back into the eye socket.

In the event that your contacts slide away from the center of your eyes, blink until they are back in place.

woman inserting contact lens into right brown eye

2. They Don't Work for Everyone

Have you tried contacts in the past and found that they didn't work for you? If so, you should know that contacts come in different types, technologies, shapes and sizes. If one pair didn't work for you, it doesn't mean that another pair won't.

Contacts come with different levels of rigidity and are made out of different materials with different features. You can find a set that feels good in your eyes and provides top-notch functionality.

Technology has been steadily and rapidly advancing over the past several years. There are new technologies to address different vision problems, such as dry eye and astigmatism. With a bit of research for your eye challenges, you may find there’s a new technology available now to help you enjoy wearing contacts.

3. Only Your Optician Can Provide the Right Contacts

Many people think that contacts are a stringently regulated medical entity. Because of this, they believe that only their opticians are allowed to provide them with contacts.

The truth is, while your optician should provide the prescription, you can actually get your contacts from a variety of reputable and trusted sources. In fact, it’s quite common to buy contacts online.

4. Contacts Cost You an Arm and a Leg

Another common misconception of contact lenses is that they cost you an arm and a leg. While contacts can be expensive, they don't have to be.

You can find boxes of contacts online for anywhere between $20 and $60 a box. This is a large markdown from what you'll pay at many stores. In general, it will cost you somewhere between $100 and $300 a year to wear contacts on a regular basis.

man with glasses standing and money flight around him

5. They're Impossible to Put In

Ever tried wearing contacts before, but always had trouble putting them in? While contacts can be difficult to insert at first, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can get used to putting them in.

Almost everyone struggles to apply their contacts when they first start using them. But, over time, it becomes another part of your routine. Wear contacts long enough, and you'll be popping them in within a matter of seconds.

6. Contacts Have Age Limitations

Think you're too young to wear contacts? Or, too old? You're wrong!

Contacts are designed for people of all ages. As long as you're capable of caring for your contacts in a hygienic manner, you can wear them. Your age in and of itself has no bearing on your ability to wear contact lenses.

eye doctor inserting contact lens into older man’s eye

7. Contact Lenses Fall out Easily

You might also be under the impression that contacts can fall out at any time. Though it's true that contacts can fall out, it's very rare that they actually do fall out. This is particularly true if you keep your hands away from your eyes.

Most contacts are made out of very soft materials. These materials are designed to cling to your eye, sitting snugly on its surface, even when your eye is moving.

As long as you're not touching your eyes on a regular basis, your contacts will stay put.

8. Contacts and Makeup

Many women stay away from contacts for fear that they'll keep them from applying makeup. While there are some contacts that can affect your ability to use makeup, these days, most contacts are safe.

In a general sense, you really don't have to fret over contacts affecting your makeup. If the proper vigilance is paid, you can both apply and remove makeup while wearing contacts.

9. They're Uncomfortable to Wear

Maybe you wore contacts once upon a time and found them to be exceedingly uncomfortable. Perhaps they made your eyes feel itchy, dry, and irritated?

While this may be true, it doesn't mean that all contacts would make your eyes feel that way. Different peoples' bodies are equipped to handle different types of contacts.

woman blurred in background happy and holding contact lens on tip of finger

Some people are better served by a rigid contact. Others are better served by something more on the floppy side. Some people prefer a lens with added moisture to combat their dry eye syndrome.

As was noted above, these days, there are all types of contact lenses available. Find a pair that will feel comfortable in your eyes.

10. Contact Lenses Cause Damage to Your Eyes

Contacts make direct contact with your eyes all throughout the day. This surely causes eye damage over time, right? Not if you take care of your contacts in the way that you're supposed to take care of your contacts.

Manufacturers make contact lenses out of soft, non-irritating materials. These can be purified with the correct liquid solution. The only way these lenses can cause damage to your eyes is if you don't clean them right. Lucky for you, taking care of contact lenses is an easy thing to do.

Interested in Wearing Contacts?

Now that we've debunked some popular myths about wearing contacts, you might be interested in giving them a go. If so, you're in the right place. PerfectLensWorld has you covered.

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If you have any more uncertainties about wearing contacts, how to clean, or buy them, check out our blog. The FAQs section also offers information about buying your lenses online.

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