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One of the Most Comfortable Color Contacts on the Market: An Acuvue Review

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Do you have blue eyes, but wish they were just a bit more lively? Do you envy people who have eyes that always seem to light up when they laugh? Color contacts could be a great solution to having the eye color you’ve dreamed of. They can also make your current eye color look more vibrant.

Maybe you did a little bit of research on them but couldn't find any lenses that looked comfortable enough to wear. Well, your search is over! Read this Acuvue review. You'll learn why they are one of the most comfortable color contacts out on the market today!

Color Contacts

If you're not used to wearing contacts, there may be some information that you don't know. But if you’re experienced, you’ll be pleased to know that colored contacts are pretty much the same as regular contacts. They just might be a little more expensive due to the extra technology that goes into making them.

As with any new pair of contacts, it may take some trial and error to make sure you find the best pair for you. Because just like everyone is different, so are their eyes.

Regular disposable contacts come in three options; ones you wear for a month, two weeks, or only for a day. The Acuvue colored contacts we’re going to look at now are daily disposable contacts. This means that you throw them away after you’ve worn them for a day. Then you’ll start with a new, fresh pair the next day. A box of dailies normally comes in a package of 30 or 90 lenses. And when you’re right and left eyes have different prescriptions that mean a separate package for each eye.

Acuvue Define

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1-Day Acuvue Define is Acuvue's enhancement tint contact line. They’re also among the most comfortable color contacts you can find. These enhancement tint contacts are a type of color contacts that doesn’t completely change your eye color, but does make them more noticeable.

If you’re nearsighted or farsighted, you can get these to fit your prescription. So you can change your eye color while also seeing perfectly. If you already have perfect vision but want to add a bit of extra color to your eyes, no problem! You can also get non-prescription (Plano) lenses.

These contacts correct your vision and also filter out UV sunlight to protect your eyes. It's kind of like having built-in sunglasses. In fact, all Acuvue contacts have UV-blocking capabilities!

These enhancement tint contacts are more of a subtle change than a completely noticeable one. They can make your eyes or eye color:


There are a lot of benefits that the Acuvue brand offers. These enhancement tint contacts are so subtle, that you can wear them and still look natural. People may not notice that you’re wearing them,but they’ll notice that your eyes look great. It's like using only a little bit of makeup, but looking like you're not wearing any.

Because of the way these contacts are designed, they can amplify, highlight, contrast and bring depth. Sometimes, they can also make your eyes look bigger.


woman wearing her contacts comfortably

Acuvue has a reputation, and most contact wearers know about the brand. They are made by the popular company Johnson & Johnson. It is one of the most purchased brands. And, their colored line is just as comfortable as some of their other products.

Acuvue colored contacts are made with the Infinity Edge Design. This means the lenses provide a comfortable and smooth fit on your eyes. They also use the LACREON technology that’s found in their other contact lines.

This patented technology ensures that your eyes are well moisturized while wearing your contacts. That way, your eyes don't dry out and make the lenses feel uncomfortable. These contacts have a water content of 58%. This helps to hydrate your eyes all day so that they don't dry out.

Because you throw them away every night and start with a new pair the next day, daily contacts help promote better eye hygiene. This improves comfort, while the wear routine ensures you don't have to worry about cleaning your contacts. You don’t have to wonder about when to change them either.

They have a cushion built into the contacts so that they sit perfectly on your eyes and feel weightless. The special pigments that enhance your eye color are safely embedded in the contacts with their Beauty Wrapped in Comfort technology.

You can find many online reviews from people who have used these lenses. Wearers say that these are some of their favorite and most comfortable contacts. Some even say that it’s definitely worth spending a little extra money on. Others say that the contacts were so comfortable, that they forgot they were even wearing them.

The Three Main Types of Acuvue Define

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Within the Acuvue Define line, there are a few options to choose from. But, we’ll only discuss the three main ones. The one you pick depends on the effect you’re going for and your natural eye color.

Acuvue Define Natural Shine

Acuvue Define Natural Shine is suited for dark eyes. They’ll add a bit of contrast to them. That contrast will also make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Acuvue Define Accent Style

These are the brand’s healthier alternative to circle lenses. If you have medium-colored eyes, Acuvue Define Accent Style contacts will bring out the highlights more and really make them shimmer. They will also smooth out the edges in your eyes.

Acuvue Define Vivid Style

If you have light-colored eyes, you should look into the Acuvue Define Vivid Style contacts. These contacts will brighten your eyes, making them sparkle when the sun hits them.

Buy the Most Comfortable Color Contacts Today

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If you're looking to make your natural eye color stand out or pop, then Acuvue Define offers some of the most comfortable color contacts out there. While everyone’s eyes are different, this line of contacts has satisfied many consumers, not only with the lens’ comfort, but also with the way they enhance various natural looks.

Don't wait any longer! If you’ve always wanted to try colored contact lenses, buy them here today!

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