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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are PerfectLensWorld Reward Points?

arrowThe PerfectLensWorld Rewards program offers great rewards for people who purchase from

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Q. I received an email about my points that I never subscribe to.

We notify our reward members of their points balance by email once a month.

Q. What are Pending Points and Available Points?

arrowThere are 2 types of points : Pending Points and Available Points.

Pending Points will become Available Points 15 business days after the order is shipped.
To find out more detail PerfectLensWorld Rewards.

Q. I cannot find my Available Points.

arrowPlease check the status of your points.

Get more details by clicking PerfectLensWorld Rewards.

For order detail and points transactions, go to My Page.

Q. Will I earn points when redeeming my points?

arrowYes, you will earn your points for every purchase.

Q. Do points expire?

arrowYes, your points will expire 12 months after you earn them. You can keep your points from expiring by having an active account and earning points.

Q. Is there a minimum when I am redeeming my points?

arrowTo redeem, you need to have at least 5 Available Points in your account.

The minimum points redemption is 5 Available Points ($5 value) or a maximum 25 Available Points ($25 value) for a single purchase.

*Points can be redeemed in increments of every 5 Available Points.

Q. Can I redeem my points to pay for my shipping costs?

arrowNo, points can only be redeemed from your total purchase.

*You cannot redeem points for shipping only.

Q. Why can I not redeem my points?

arrowThe following causes are some possibilities,

Q. How do I track my points?

arrowLog in to your account to see your points. You can check your points from [My Rewards] on My page.

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Q. What happens to my points if I close the account?

arrowClosing the account means you lose the points.

Q. Can my points be combined or shared with other account holders?

arrowNo, It is not possible to add or transfer your Rewards points to someone else's account.