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Q01. What if the lenses I receive are not what I ordered?

arrowPlease contact us immediately via our [inquiry form]. Be sure to include your name and order ID. We will advise you on how to exchange your previous order for new lenses.

Q02. How can I cancel my order?

arrowIf you’ve accidentally ordered the wrong lens, please contact us ASAP. You can do that 4 ways:

Q03. If I return my lenses, how long will it take to receive new ones?

arrowWe will process your return as soon as possible. Please allow a few days.

Q04. What if I find a defective lens?

arrowIf you’re wearing the lenses, please remove them immediately and contact us via our inquiry form. Include your name and order ID. Do not throw out the original lens boxes, as you may need to return these to us.

Q05. I cannot proceed with my order. What should I do?

arrowPlease click here for Browser Settings. If you need further assistance, contact our customer support.

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