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Q01. What if I receive items that I didn’t order?

If you get items you didn’t order, contact us immediately via our online [inquiry form]. Please include your name, order ID, and info about the lenses you’ve received. We’ll correct the order ASAP.

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Q02. How can I cancel my order?

If you notice an error after completing an order, contact us immediately via our [inquiry form]. To avoid mistakes, always check that your address and lens information is correct before completing your order.

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Q03. After I return lenses, how soon can I receive an exchange?

While we’re waiting for your returned lenses, we’ll work quickly to find the replacement lenses you’ve selected. To help speed the process, please fill out all of the sections of our [inquiry form]. Be sure to include your Order ID and current shipping address.

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Q04. What if I find a defective lens?

Please follow these directions:

  • ● Remove the lens from your eye immediately.
  • ● DO NOT throw your defective lenses away.
  • ● Please keep all of the lens packaging and boxes.
  • ● Fill out the inquiry form on our Contact Us page.
  • ● In the “inquiry” section, type in the information about the products in question.
  • ● Don’t forget to add your Order ID, found on your receipts and confirmation emails.
  • ● We’ll contact you as soon as possible to refund or replace your order.

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Q05. I cannot proceed with my order. Is my browser setting correct?

Please click here for Browser Settings.

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Q06. Where can I find my Order ID?

Your Order ID number can be found in 3 places:

  • In your order confirmation email
  • In your customer account after you log in
  • In notification emails from

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Q07. How should I pack and ship returns?

  • ● Before packing, return the lens to its original lens box, if possible.
  • ● Wrap that in packing paper to prevent damage.
  • ● Place that in the original (or a sturdy) shipping box.
  • ● Tape the return postage label portion on the outside of the box so it’s visible.

Please note: Since the return postage label is assigned to a specific item return, please do not return multiple shipping orders in the same box. That will delay your refund or exchange.

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