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Q01. Do I need a prescription to order from PerfectLensWorld?

Yes, you will need a valid prescription in order to place your order. But if you don’t have it in hand, you can select our convenient “skip” function during checkout and either email us a copy of your prescription to at a later time or enter your Doctor’s information at checkout.

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Q02. Is my prescription still valid?

Federal Law states that prescriptions should be valid for a minimum of one year; in some states your prescription may be valid for two years. Your prescription starts from when your eye doctor sends you your prescription, not the date of your eye exam.

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Q03. I never had to send you a prescription before, why now?

The FDA (Federal Drug Administration) and FTC (Federal Trade Commission) have made it so that you have the right to get your prescription from your eye care professional and shop around for the best deal for you and so that you can make your own decisions as a consumer. That is based on the Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act which was passed by Congress in 2003. Part of that Act is the ‘Contact Lens Rule’ which enacted guidelines for contact sellers ( to verify prescriptions presented by the consumer for the purchase of contact lenses.

Again, why now? trusts that you are sending us legitimate prescriptions and always maintained the right to refuse an order if it was not in fact legitimate. We only work with reputable suppliers and have had excellent success in providing fantastic products at a fraction of the price. Prescription verification is not necessary in Canada (where our HQ is located), although we always reserve the right to reject orders that we find to be falsified and/or cause harm to the consumer. In the recent months, our ability to continue selling to customers in the U.S. has been hampered by advertising laws that were brought to our attention. In order to continue providing the excellent products at low prices and to continue to exist in the market, we had to add the prescription verification page. That is for your added safety in compliance with regulations.

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Q04. How do I know the details of my prescription if I do not have a hard copy with me?

You can find your prescription information on a box of your current contact lenses. They contain the information you need such as power, diameter and base curve.

Please note that you will still need to send us either a copy of your prescription or enter your eye doctor’s information at checkout to place an order with us.


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Q05. 5.What if I can’t afford a new prescription?

Check your extended health insurance plan for your coverage. It is in your best health interest to check your eye health with a full eye examination as it can detect more than your vision prescription. It is recommended that you get a full check up every two years. Ask your local optometrist if they can do an eye test for a prescription, it may cost less than an exam.

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