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Important Lens Information

Q01. Where can I find my contact lens information?

arrowFor customers currently using contact lenses:

arrowFor customers who do not have their contact lens boxes:

Q02. Are BC and PWR different depending on the lens manufacturer?

arrowBecause of global standards, all manufacturers must use the same notation for PWR and BC. However, lens size, thickness, design and processing methods are different depending on the brand and the manufacturer. (If your contact lenses have been prescribed for astigmatism, you may feel different depending on the manufacturer.) We strongly suggest having your eyes checked as directed by your physician and following his/her guidance on lens selection.

Q03. Is it possible to use contact lenses if the DIA is different from my lens data?

arrowWe strongly suggest having your eyes checked as directed by your eye doctor and only with his/her agreement should you use lenses with different DIA.

Q04. What if I can’t find my lens type or prescription?

arrowDue to stock constraints, we only carry a limited selection of contact lens strengths or power/PWR. With that said, if you place an order, and the lens is out of stock, we’ll let you know immediately. From there, we’ll find a solution to suit your needs.

Q05. What if an item is out of stock?

arrowIf an item in your order is out of stock, we’ll email you ASAP and offer a solution that works for you.

Please note: You’ll have 30 days to tell us how you’d like to proceed (e.g., cancel or change your order). If we don’t hear back from you after 30 days, we will assume your order has been cancelled.

To ensure that you get important emails on time, please add to your contact list.

Please note: Currently, we do not carry multifocals, toric/astigmatism lenses, or presbyopia (+PWR) lenses. If we stock these in the future, we’ll be sure to announce this to all of our customers.

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