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How to use Coupon Codes

Step 1. Put items into your shopping cart

If this is your first order, CLICK HERE to register, before you start.

(1) On the product page of your desired item, be sure to enter your prescription and quantity via the drop down arrows.

(2) Click ADD TO CART.

Step 2. Confirm items and log in

Next, you’ll find a confirmation page that shows your order information.

(1) Please confirm your order and verify both the quantity and prescription before continuing.

(2) If you are a registered customer, click CHECK OUT to continue. If not, please register here before continuing.

Step 3. Enter coupon code and payment method

(1) For payment, choose between Credit Card or PayPal.

(2) Enter your Coupon/Discount Code into the input box.

* Deducted discounts will be displayed in the final payment overview.

(3) Click CONTINUE.

* After the Check Out steps a web-secure page will appear for you to enter your credit card info. For extra security, the payment time-out will be 10 minutes.

» Details of payment method

Step 4. Shipping information

(1) Your registered address will show as your shipping address. However, you may change that to a different shipping address.

(2) Once you’ve confirmed that the shipping address is correct and have chosen the Delivery Method, click CONTINUE.

Step 5. Final confirmation

(1) Your discount will be deducted from the total amount due. Please ensure that all of your order information is accurate before proceeding.

(2) To change your order details click Edit to get back to the previous page. Please carefully check your edits for accuracy!

(3) If everything looks good, simply click the CONFIRM ORDER button on the page.

After your order is complete, you’ll see a “Thank You” page where you will confirm your email. This is so you can track your order and have all your order information on hand for future reference.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Our coupon/discount codes are redeemable only at and are not redeemable for cash.
  2. Please note that only one code per order will be accepted.
  3. PerfectLensWorld reserves the right to extend, limit, or change coupons/discount code promotions at any time.


Q01. What are coupons/discount codes?

What’s better than low prices for contact lenses in the US? Our special discount codes, of course! To get additional savings on your contact lens orders, sign up for our newsletter. That way, we can email you discount codes that no else can see. To redeem these during checkout, you’ll find an input box to “enter your coupon code”. Your discount will be applied after your shipping details are entered and will show up in the final confirmation.

Q02. Do coupons/discounts ever expire?

Coupon Code expiration dates are stated during each promotion via newsletters, flyers, emails, and social media. So check your emails and don’t let a good thing slip away!

Unless stated otherwise, once you redeem a given code, you may not be able to redeem it again.

Q03. Where can I find coupon/discount codes?

We periodically announce coupons/discount codes by email and other channels, such as social media. Sign up for our emails so you’ll never miss a sale! Alternatively, you may visit our coupon code page.